Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have been hearing alot about one24, So I figure I would give it a try. I have been in One24 for about 3weeks now and I already have about 2200 silvers, and I just give away my first green ticket.

So im hopeing by next month I will see my first pay check. I have a great team thats helps and supports and promote your page when you become a member of the team. Its really not that hard to promote healthy products.

NATRABURST is a great meal replacement and taste great, And trust me, Im not just saying that because Im in One24. So I guess you wonder why so many people are jumper on this new product, Real simple,"Mark Seyforth" He help launch "Herbalife" and he has been in MLM for about 30 year, Dont take my word for it, Google him for yourself.

In closing, please do your homework about One24 it could change your life. So, when you are ready, join my waiting list, we would love to have you apart of the team.

Please email me if you have any question

Thank you

Michael Cox

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